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Source:Shandong Lubing Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd Date:2019/9/18 Browse:428
Hot pack of ice bag in summer
When summer comes, it gets hotter and hotter. Some drugs that are afraid of heat will stay too long in cold environment, which may affect the quality and safety of drugs.
In hot seasons, these drugs should not leave the cold environment for more than an hour.
This will provide you with a technique for delivering small ice cubes to hot medicines.
The existing ice bags are designed specifically for the distribution and bioassay of cold chain drugs. They are suitable for the distribution of goods that need to be refrigerated, refrigerated, stored and transported, such as biological products, cryopharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetables, and physical cooling.
Non toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, but not edible.
The small ice bag is close to the medicine and can be stored in cold environment for 3 or 4 hours. This basically solved the inconvenience caused by hot medicine in summer, and did not need to take medicine and rush to home.

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