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Source:Shandong Lubing Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd Date:2019/9/18 Browse:412
Biological ice bags can also be used as anti freezing ice bags and cold pack ice bags; the main function of early ice bags is to replace the ice bags filled with water, without filling the ice bags filled with water every time, with short cooling time, easy to frostbite children and many other inconveniences.
Apply the antipyretic ice bag to the head, back of neck or diseased skin.
You can also put a cooling ice bag on the towel, but pay attention to avoid frostbite.
It is mainly used for medical treatment of high fever, cooling and antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, cold compress and Cosmetology, sprain, hemostasis, suppuration, skin care and other auxiliary physical therapy as well as perishable products, biological agents and all products requiring refrigeration. If transported, ice bags are shipped with the product.
It can't be recycled. It is recommended to use standard double-layer standard medical ice bags. Although it is designed for one-time use, it can be used multiple times with care and care: it cannot be used in combination with HDR type four layers.
In order to avoid cross infection, medical devices should be used as a disposable cold and hot physical therapy bag for patients.

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