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Source:Shandong Lubing Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd Date:2019/9/18 Browse:431
Technology ice is an upgrade substitute for ice. It has more applicability, ease of use, hygiene and versatility.
2. It is used for medical treatment of high fever, fever, antiphlogistic and analgesic, cold compress and Cosmetology, sprain, hemostasis, suppuration, skin care and other auxiliary physical therapy.
3. Long distance refrigerated transportation of various biological cryogenics, solder paste, poultry medicine, medicine, plasma, vaccine, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade fresh food.
4. It is used for sports training and competition, such as bruises, sprains, falls and other cold compress physiotherapy bags.
5. When the refrigerator is powered off, cool and save electricity in daily life, keep low temperature, keep food, cool drinks and travel.

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