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Ice pack
Brief introduction(869):1. This product is a substitute for ice and its effect is several times better than that of ordinary ice cubes. Cooperating with heat preservation bags
Ice pack

[Product Introduction]


1. This product is a substitute for ice and its effect is several times better than that of ordinary ice cubes. Cooperating with heat preservation bags (boxes, boxes, barrels) can effectively keep food fresh. It is suitable for fresh transportation, fresh water production, school, work, outdoor work, outdoor activities, tourism, etc.


2. It is widely used in the transportation of temperature-sensitive products such as aquatic products, flowers and fruits. It can also be used in medical care (cold compress), sports health care, beauty and skin care and other fields.


3. This product is made of high-tech biological materials, meeting food-grade standards, hygienic and environmental protection. The gel in the product is non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free, and its packaging can prevent bacteria, mold and mold from growing in containers.


4. It is widely used in cooling care, breast milk preservation, medical supplies, agricultural products and fresh food storage and transportation.



[Product use]


1. Medical use: refrigerated transportation of various biological reagents, drugs, plasma, vaccines, etc.


2. Family nursing: physical cooling and fever abatement, cold compress hemostasis, sprain and injury, physiotherapy and skin care, etc.


3. Refrigerated transportation: fresh-keeping transportation of poultry meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, agricultural products, chocolate, bee products, cooked food and other items


4. Refrigeration: breast milk, beer and beverage, food and other items


5. Preservation of boxed meals: Boxed meals (or food) tend to deteriorate in summer and autumn. Ice bags (refrigerants) and boxed meals can be put into ice bags to keep the temperature of boxed meals low. When needed, boxed meals can be heated to eat.


6. In-car use: It can be used as a refrigeratory in the car, and can enjoy fresh and delicious drinks and food anytime and anywhere.


7. Outdoor use: It is an ideal product for camping, outing barbecue, fishing and long-distance travel to preserve cool food and drinks.


8. Cold storage and energy saving: energy saving and electricity saving; refrigerators release cold energy when power is cut off, and prolong the freshness of food, fruits and vegetables


[Product efficacy]


When things and frozen "ice bags" (refrigerants) are put into an airtight thermostat (box), they will not deteriorate. (The use time varies slightly depending on the environment, which is several times longer than the thawing time of ordinary ice). When thawing, it will not produce a large amount of condensate like ice, and food will not be immersed in water.


[Method of Use]


Refrigerate in the refrigerator for about 10 hours and take it out. Put it into the heat preservation container together with the items that need to be refrigerated. Repeated freezing and thawing can be recycled indefinitely.




1. This product can not be heated. It can be cleaned with household detergent. It can not be cleaned with dishwasher.


2. Do not cause the product to be deformed or damaged under heavy pressure.


1. Ice bag contents are not edible


Individuals with circulatory issues should consult a physician before use. Do not sit or lean on cold pack. External use only. Unattended use of pad by children, elderly, or incapacitated persons is dangerous; monitor for insensitivities to product temperature. Do not apply to open wounds. If contents are swallowed, drink several glasses of water and contact Poison Control Center immediately. If contents are exposed to skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly and consult a physician. Discard if punctured or leaking. Do not attempt to reuse by freezing as frostbite may result. Keep out of reach of children


For common aches, pains, swelling and bruising.


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