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Source:Shandong Lubing Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd Date:2019/9/18 Browse:395
1. The insulation material is made of polyurethane or extruded foam material, and the inner and outer panels are made of ABS / PP / PE. With unique technology, the thermal insulation material and plastic panel are combined into a thermal insulation box type, which can be used as a phase-change refrigerated ice box.
Passive cold chain transport fresh, refrigerated, frozen and other products in the temperature zone.
2 general cold chain logistics box has high heat resistance, cold resistance and good heat preservation performance. In addition to the standard box of mold, it can also be developed according to the size requirements of customers, and can customize any size, size and thickness of refrigerated incubator.
It can also be customized according to the refrigeration temperature of 0 ° C - 25 ° C different phase change refrigeration ice. The cooling time can be customized between 24 hours and 96 hours.
3 excellent impact resistance, not easy to break, can be used repeatedly.
4 professional design, good sealing, no electricity, energy saving and environmental protection, light weight, easy to carry.
This product is nontoxic, tasteless, non corrosive, hygienic, environmental friendly and easy to clean.

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