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Source:Shandong Lubing Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd Date:2019/9/18 Browse:405
Ice bag is only a cold source and a cold storage medium. The energy stored in an ice bag is limited. How long can the ice bag keep warm? It also needs to be used with the incubator to form a combination. In order to complete the low temperature of the ice bag for a long time.
Individual ice bags were exposed to 20 ° C at room temperature for up to 6 hours from freezing to full melting, and there was no cryopreservation effect.
Only a certain number of ice bags and incubators can be used together to achieve good low-temperature preservation effect. There is also a long-term relationship between the temperature of the ice bag itself and the insulation of the incubator. Generally speaking, two
500g's 2-8 degree C refrigerated ice pack has no problem with ordinary 6L liter EPS foam box stored for 12 hours below 8 degree C. Note: the temperature of the cryopreservation project itself should also be 2-8 ° C, and the refrigeration effect is the best, otherwise the effect is not good.
Generally speaking, the length of the insulation is the main factors of the ice bag: the number of ice bags, the quality of the ice bag, the size of the incubator, the insulation of the incubator, the tightness of the incubator, the ambient temperature and temperature of the distribution. Low temperature items themselves.
Temperature, number of low temperature items

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